Hey, guys and gals

Long time no post!

How have you been?

Mmhmm. Yeah. Wow, really?

Okay, shut up.

I’m working on a new comic. A web comic. They’re all the rage. I’m co-writing it with our editor on Atomic Robo, Lee Black. So, y’know, it’s gonna be a fun time. We’ve partnered with Erica Henderson to do the art and color. So, y’know, it’s gonna look great.

It’s called INFERNAL AFFAIRS and the short version is: imagine The X-Files in ancient China.

Twist: the Bureau of Infernal Affairs is just a dumping ground for trouble makers and incompetents because there’s no such thing as the supernatural.

Twist on the Twist: whoops, the supernatural is happening!

We’ve got a nice juicy 96-page storyline worked out, but we can’t take time away from our paying gigs to make them all. BOOO!

So, we’re gonna try this: a Kickstarter to fund the whole thing. If the campaign succeeds, then we’ll release the comic for free online. Two full color pages every week for, uh, almost all of 2015. Backing the campaign gets you exclusive merch, content, and behind-the-scenes access to the making of the comic as well as the whole first chapter. There’s print and digital options available.

Check out the campaign for details and the website for a preview of the characters, setting, and artwork.


Namco High

For those of you who haven’t heard, I’m one of the writers on Namco High along with Ananth Panagariya and Magnolia Porter. These guys did amazing work (mine’s pretty good too I MEAN DUH) and I can’t wait for you to see what we came up with.

Stay tuned!


There’s just NINE DAYS left on this Kickstarter campaign for the official 8-bit style sequel to River City Ransom.

Back that shit. Back it to the moon.

“Waahh waahh, but it only comes out on PC and I own a Mac and an Android tablet.”

First of all, no, every Mac person is a cultist so you’d have an iPad you liar.

Second, fuck you, it’s River City Ransom, you’re gonna back it anyway.

Final 48 hours!

We’re down to the final 48 hours on the Official Tesladyne Action Scientist’s Field Guide.

Here’s a quick run down of all the free stuff that’s been unlocked via stretch goal for our digital and physical tiers.

Y’know. If you’re into getting tons of free stuff with your Kickstarter rewards.

Robots are pretty cool, man.

We’re running a Kickstarter to make some Atomic Robo stuff and The Official Tesladyne Field Guide for all things action science. Check it out!

And because I feel weird self-promoting in a space I have been reserving for talking about more general nerdy stuff, here’s the Warmachine Kickstarter. It looks like they’re doing (almost) everything I wish Games Workshop would do, re: 40k and vidya game.