CYPHER and Planetary Annhiliation

Just in case you live under a rock the size of an asteroid, here are links to a couple very cool indie games you will probably (definitely) enjoy!

CYPHER — a text game! But with cyberpunk and graphics and animations and sound and music.

Planetary Annhiliation — an RTS of extreme devastation on an interplanetary scale.

Just gonna leave this here

Dum de dum dum.

Look at all this crap I’m up to!

Check out some of the stuff I’ve been up to lately. The short version is: still writing that novel and now a video game woooooooooooooo that you can help to kick into starting!

This announcement has nothing to do with the previous promise of an announcement. Because that is this:


Well, no, not yet.

But soon. So very soon!

Stay tuned.

And that was that!

The Dreadful‘s fan art contest comes a close. It’ll be back to Matt’s regular updates next week. I think!

Meanwhile I’m still working on the Benjamin Hu novel for Evil Hat. Progress has been slower than I’d hoped, but then again I had unrealistic hopes! Still, plugging away at a decent speed and pleased with the material thus far, so no complaints.

In other news this looks like a cool tabletop game. The short version? Shadow of the Colossus, or Godzilla, or Earth Defense Force, or Ragnarok (like, the mythic one, not the Korean one), or all of that kinda mashed together if you want, and it’s on your very own kitchen table!

There’s only 3 days left as of Jun 29th, so act fast.