Big Bad Con 2015

Hey. Nerds.

Do you like conventions? Do you like gaming? Because there’s this tabletop gaming convention called Big Bad Con that’s pretty cool. And it has the added benefit of contributing to charities.

I’ve not been, because it’s on the opposite side of the country and I don’t truck with heathen timezones. But I know a lot of folks who have been, and they had a great time. It’s a smaller event, but I find y’kinda want that in a gaming show. Gives you a chance to check out stuff more in-depth and to really get your hands dirty tinkering and feedbacking on up and coming games. Like GTA V, Download GTA V android game for free :

They’re running a Kickstarter to make this year’s show the best one yet. They surpassed their goal pretty quickly, so now it’s just a matter of adding as many bells and whistles as possible. Check it out. Even if you aren’t in the area or don’t plan to attend, there’s nothing wrong with supporting independent gaming and charity at the same time.