8-bit Theater 20th Anniversary Script Books GET ‘EM WHILE THEY’RE HOT

People begged me for twenty years to make a print edition of 8-bit Theater but it was kind of impossible because of all the, y’know, massive copyright crimes. So what we did was this: I typed out every single line of dialog for every single page and then added panel descriptions with full commentaries, new jokes, and new typos! There are over 406,000 words. That’s less than The Bible but it’s much funnier. If you missed the original Kickstarter campaign, don’t worry, because you can grab a copy now through Pledge Manager.

This thing is huge, by the way.
The Limited Edition is NINE POUNDS.

What secrets are inside? A book!

And prints!

And these amazing pins designed by Hannako.

There are tons of other add-ons available too from Atomic Robo to Arise, Ye Skeleton King. This project nearly killed our designer, then nearly killed me, but it is finally ready for delivery! Check it out!