Little update


Matt Speroni’s The Dreadful is on hiatus. Our cobbled together version of ComicPress only sorta ever worked, and now that we swapped servers it’s gone into full on Not Gonna Work mode. It’s just as well since Matt broke his damn drawing arm in three places, like, the day before we found out ComicPress was being goofy.

I can’t tell if that’s a lucky coincidence or not. On the one hand, no one’s to blame for the hiatus since it’d be happening either way. On the other hand, ouch. Get well soon, Matt.

In sunnier news, the Atomic Robo Hardcovers Kickstarter Campaign s going well. Scott shared some of the process behind the redesign for a couple covers here and here. The next stretch goal will bump the pagecount of THE SECRET FILES OF DR. DINOSAUR in every volume from four to six for fifty-four pages total.

There’s a stack of more stretch goals planned, and oh my goodness, we’re getting into some amazing territory soon.