So much to do.

So, three weeks later, we have another Warbot comic. Every comic we make, a little part of me dies. I’m pretty sure at this rate, I will no longer have a soul in a matter of weeks.

In other words, I’ll be just like Brian!

I’ve got a couple of cool announcements. First off, I’m developing a live action comedy web series that’s going to film in July. Here’s a teaser poster for you.


Think Hellboy meets Buffy with a little Ghostbusters and Men in Black. Clevinger and I are well on our way with the writing, and it’s going to be a blast. That’s right, Brian is helping with the writing.

Second, I’m doing another 24 hour Draw-a-thon this coming Sunday, the 7th, starting at 12pm PST/3pm EST. 24 hours of drawing whatever the people want. You can head over to the page now and save the link.  I’ve got a couple reasons for this draw-a-thon…

Reason 1: My buddy Dan has run into a harsh financial rut in life right now and he needs help to make sure he’s not homeless at the end of the month. Now, he’s mentioned many times not to worry about him. What I worry about is his cats Bishop, Jothee, Weasley and Roswell. Currently, he needs just enough to cover the deposits for a new place, and he’s got a home for another year. If that happens, all is well and the boys continue to love and be loved. I just want to make sure it stays that way, and with your help, it can. I’ve posted the donation button on the ustream page already, so feel free to help out before the event if you’d like. All the donations are going strait to Dan himself.

For those of you who want to help, but are currently looking for work; Dan created a helpful forum that you should check out.

Reason 2: My old Wacom tablet that Buckley gave me back in 2007 when I was drawing Analog and D+Pad finally died. It was a trooper, but it couldn’t take the heat so it got out of the kitchen. The kitchen of life. Now, if you guys want me to continue Warbot and the other stuff you don’t know about, then I need a new tablet. I’m currently borrowing one from a friend, but he needs it back on Tuesday. So, if I can make enough to cover a small Intuos4, then we’re good.

Reason 3: We need a budget for our webseries (see first announcement) and anything we get can help. We’re trying to come up with something cool for the donators, but at the moment, all we can do is say thanks. We expect to do this webseries for as little as possible, so anything helps.

So, that’s that. Hope you all enjoy Warbot this week. And tell Brian to write a shorter one so it can get done faster. For those who care to see what was behind Warbot, I posted the screens from the Atomic Robo movie featured in todays comic in the fourms.