Figuratively and literally a monster

In Warbot news, the last three comics all expanded on scenes from this earlier comic. So, the good news is: no more incredibly depressing dates! And the bad news is: more incredibly depressing other things!

I played entirely too much Prototype Thursday. It’s been referred to as a “murder simulator”, and it’s true, there’s a lot of murder. You pretty much can’t do anything without killing people who just want to get away from you. But “murder” doesn’t capture the scale quite right. This thing is an engine of meaningless slaughter. And that’s before you ever get into a tank.

My super short review: believe every good thing you hear about this game.

You become obscenely powerful and inhuman, but they keep throwing even more powerful and inhuman things at you, and in ever-greater numbers, so dealing with them is always interesting. They do a fantastic job of transforming Manhattan into hell on Earth. I mean, NYC was lookin’ rough toward the end of Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, but Prototype takes the bleak cake and frosts it with thousands and thousands of dead lining the streets.

It’s got its flaws: primarily weird difficulty spikes, but Hulk: Ultimate Destruction was just like that and the same developers are involved, so no surprise there. I eventually gave up on Hulk in the midst of one such spike, but so far Prototype‘s arbitrarily shit-rific difficulty hasn’t gotten too bad. Either they learned how to dial it back a notch or I’ve gotten slightly smarter about trying novel tactics. It’s also got far too great a fondness for stunlocking you, but you can roll out of those within a couple hits and avoid the next six to ten, so it’s not as bad as it could be.