The Darkness Won

So, Nerdapalooza was a blast. Hex, I have no idea how you guys duped these acts into coming to Orlando, but you done good.

It was an honor to introduce The Protomen. Sorry if my introduction sucked, I just wanted want everyone else wanted: for me to get off the damn stage so they could get started. It was a success in that regard.

Y’know, I’ve been listening to them for a couple years now. I have to ration myself. Like, there’s a clock at our local diner that just says “Time To Dine!” That’s me, but my clock would say “Protomen”.

But live?

Holy shit.

Turns out there’s a reason why any YouTube of their live performances sounds like garbage. We do not yet have the technology to capture that level of HOLY SHIT. They must record their albums by dialing it down to 11 when they’re in the studio. Because as good as they are on CD, their live show takes things to another level.