Nerdy Show 2.0

So, now it looks like I’m a co-host of the Nerdy Show. I’m not sure how that happened, but I’m just gonna keep my head down and my mouth shut and hope no one notices. Hey, it’s gotten me this far, I’m sticking with it. Check out our first show right here.

Hex, Cap, and Mike were great as always. They’ve been doing this for a while, so they’re all pro about it and doing technical stuff and prepared with notes and topics and so on. Me? I had a 32 ounce bucket filled with ice and Dr. Pepper so I could stay awake past my bedtime.

A little closer to home, we’re celebrating the triumphant return of incredibly depressing Warbot in Accounting comics with a T-shirt! You can wear it right on your body!

And be sure to check out some behind-the-scenes action for Atomic Robo’s Free Comic Book Day 2010 story.