I’m so tiny in this world of nightmares

So, what’s happenin’?

I finished the super rush job thang that delayed Tuesday’s page, so, y’know, score. I never wrote so much my back hurt, but here we are. Hopefully we’ll have some amazing news on that hitherto top secret front in the coming weeks. Tuesday night saw another installment of The Nerdy Show pierce the veil of reality. Or, I dunno, I was reading Ultimate Hulk vs Wolverine the whole time. There’s a curtain in the room where we do the recording and that’s like a veil.

The fifth and final issue of Atomic Robo and the Shadow from Beyond Time came out yesterday. Check out the six page preview to find out why your life is a hollow, ugly thing without it. For you mongrel trade waiters out there, among whom I definitely absolutely 100% do not belong get away from my bookshelves shut up — the collected edition will be available in early December. It may include bonus mini-stories that didn’t make it into the issues themselves! Or, come to think of it, I’d rather see those in Vol 4 issues so no one’s screwed out of content. I’ll make a few phone calls, break some legs, get that rolling. B-Clev’s got your back.

I’ll leave you with this. Among my top secret projects, there’s a little something we’re cooking up for 8-bit. Or is it somethings? The only barrier to this knowledge is the future and it is rapidly eroding.