In case I don’t gush about Pathfinder enough.

Okay, so Pathfinder is a great game. I’ve talked about it before, but for those of you who missed our or have brains like goldfish, it’s a straight port of D&D 3.5 with tons — actual metric and long tons — of little changes to streamline and balance your D&D experience for those of us who aren’t so hot on 4th ed.

The only complaint I’ve heard about this book is that it’s expensive. It ought to be. At 576 fully color, high-quality, glossy pages it’s easily the best RPG product I’ve ever owned. It retails for $50, but you can grab Pathfinder at Amazon for under $40 with shipping.

If you’re still worried about taking that financial plunge, or don’t feel like waiting for the 1 – 2 month shipping time (seriously, what, mine showed up in like 3 days) you can find the full rules online! Like, legally. Here’s Paizo’s official SRD for Pathfinder. Here’s another one I found earlier today with better readability. And, yeah, they have everything you need to play your game. All the rules, classes, character progression charts, all that jazz. Paizo is making quite a statement by putting their product out there, in full, for free, without any restrictions or hoop jumps.