Atomic Power

If you haven’t gotten your Atomic Robo statue yet, it’s probably time to give up on life. It’s not a terrible fate. Oh, sure, there’s a lot of crying and a hollow, sucking void where your hope and dreams used to be. There’s that. Granted. But, y’know, it could be worse. There could be no statue on sale at all! Think about that for a minute.

Good god, I’m a terrible salesman.

To make up for that we’re bringing you seven all-new, all-different, all-exclusive pages of Atomic Robo action next week — one per day! They may also feature some other character, who knows! And, yeah, these pages will be in addition to your regular scheduled 8BT, HIKYM, and Warbot in Accounting. What’s that? More Warbot? Yes! Well, maybe! After a ton of delays on his end followed by a two tons more of delays on my end, the script is in Zack’s hands. Or maybe just his computer, I don’t know if he prints these things out or what. Anyway, I’ll abuse him via instant messenger, text, voice mail, and Skype until there’s a finished product for you guys to be depressed by.

I do this out of love for you, the audience. A sick, sick love that usually gets someone locked up. But, dammit, it is love.