Binge and Purge

I hope everyone enjoyed the free Atomic Robo pages from last week. We’ll do more stuff like that in the glorious world of the future. Unless there’s a Singularity first. That would definitely disrupt my writing process. Hopefully we can hold off the technological super orgy until mid-November at least. Scott Wegener and I will be in Italy from Oct 27 – Nov 3 and if everyone but us has been downloaded into battlebots by the time we land, man, I will be so pissed off.

Slight change of gears. Archive Binge is a pretty cool service. Basically, it lets you create a custom RSS feed that doles out a given webcomic’s archive a few pages at a time. In this way, you can tackle a huge ~1,200 page archive in manageable chunks and catch up with the live updates before you know it. Yeah, that probably doesn’t help you folks with 8-bit, but they’ve got a bunch of other comics you can binge on. And now your loser friends who are terrified by the inhuman scale of the archives on this site no longer have an excuse. Everyone wins!