This update brought to you buy DORITOS (part 2 now included)

If you want to listen to four idiots playing fourth edition D&D with musical interludes, then click this link. The Nerdy Show is also available through iTunes if that’s your thang. We’ll probably post the second part later this weekend, so check back for that link. You don’t want to miss the thrilling conclusion (spoiler alert: Eldritch Blast rocks). [EDIT OH SHIT LOOKY HERE IT’S PART TWO AS PROMISED]

See Atomic Robo in 3D (it’s after the snake).

If you live in NYC or LA, for the love of all that is right and good in the universe, go see Black Dynamite this weekend.

Still waiting on those last bits of Warbot in Accounting art. If only Zack didn’t hate every last one of you, he’d have finished ages ago.