And I’m Sick

Italy was amazing. Our hosts pulled out all the stops and made us feel like we never left home. I will be talking about this trip, to the irritation of everyone I know, for the rest of my life. But I came back sick. It’s not Swine Flu (whew!), but oh man did it make the nine hour flight from Milan to JFK a treat. Especially since I got literally no sleep the previous night due to my core temp spiking and crashing like a roller coaster. And every night previous to that I was lucky to score four non-consecutive hours of sleep. Apparently I’m hardwired into EST, because no matter how hard it was 1am in Milan, my body was all, “Nope, it’s 6pm moron, you’re not sleeping.”

So, yeah. The exhaustion, weather, and travel just caught up to me.

Blah blah you don’t care, let’s get down to biznazzzzz.

Comics are off this week too. I need to recuperate. I’ve got a weird foreign disease roiling around my chest and no health insurance – I’m not going to push my luck. It feels like I’m already through the worst of it, so we should be back on track next week. In the meantime, I’m going to sit in bed and read and sleep.

…and probably work up a blog post about how amazing the trip was before I got plagued.