Status Update!

Almost everything is packed up. I’m seriously down to what’ll go in my car’s backseat, a few odds and ends to toss into the moving van, and a toothbrush.

We shipped the cats via Delta Pet First Cargo over the weekend and it went swimmingly. All three arrived intact and only slightly terrified. Macio already acts like he’s lived there all his life. He’s moved enough times that he doesn’t care about changes in scenery any more so long as there’s a steady supply of food. Kurt strays a little further from The Cat Room every day, so within a week he’ll be running around the place like he owns it. Charlie mostly hides under the bed. It took him a week or two to really warm up to living with us the first time, so I guess this is expected.

I’m currently on schedule to head out of here tomorrow morning, arrive Wednesday evening, and be back to work by the weekend.

Thanks for your patience, everyone!