Remain Calm, Trust In Science

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There’s so much going on over at Nerdy Show it’s a little scary. Free Protomen concert, an interview with Ben Templesmith, the nonstop horrorshow of Dungeons & Doritos, and the Blackest Night fight song contest. Whew.

I should be able to align the stars and get Tuesday’s 8BT done. I know online readerships are a fickle bunch, and it’s easy to assume the worst about a creator who has committed the grave offense of irregular updates. But the difficulties outlined here, specifically…

“I do all the graphical work on my PC. Long story short, since the move my PC doesn’t have an internet connection. Don’t bother sending me suggestions on how to fix that, the sentiment is absolutely appreciated but trust me here, it’s not an option for the time being. Additionally, I don’t have 100% reliable access to my PC. As you may have guessed, it ain’t easy to make a digital comic without the digital.”

…have not changed. I’ve given you eight years of some of the most consistent* work you’ve seen online, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask for a little patience from you here, in the final hours, when I miss an update for the simple reason that it’s impossible to make one. Thank you.

*Hey, terrible work is still consistent work.