All kindsa stuff!

No, 8-bit isn’t quite finished yet. We’re done with the meat of the thing, all that’s left is a page or two where we throw the bones into the trash.

In the meantime, help me help you help…me helping…uh.

Whatever, shut up.

But don’t shut up, because we need your input. Fill out this survey! And then shut up.

And then check out the latest episodes of Nerdy Show. Because I know you’ve been lax about keeping up with it. I can see what you do on your computer and, yes, you’re right to feel bad about what you get up to.

Devin, the madman behind the world’s greatest Atomic Robo costume, wishes to be dugg. I figure you folks can handle that request to the best of your abilities. Now with a working link!

Discerning readers among you will be happy to hear that the second issue of the new Atomic Robo series will come out April 14th.

Japan, 1999. ATOMIC ROBO visits SCIENCE TEAM SUPER FIVE, the Tesladyne of the East. It’s a perfectly ordinary business trip where nothing incredibly stereotypical like A GIANT MONSTER ATTACK happens. Robo just does some sightseeing. That’s all. Stop thinking about GIANT MONSTER ATTACKS. That’d be silly.

Then that Friday, April 16th, at the Mondo Marvel panel during C2E2, they’ll finally announce my first project for Marvel Comics. Some of you should attend and cheer when they announce it so there’ll be someone cheering when they announce it.