Whar da forums?!?

Straight from the horse (molester’s) mouth:
In short: the server literally exploded! So our replacement parts are now, and have been, on order, and it takes a few business days for delivery. They are slated for arrival tomorrow and the server should be back up and running at that point. Currently we do not think there will be any data loss, it should all be intact.

In other news I’m back home after another successful Connecticon. I just want to thank everyone who came out and made it a success. Sorry to all my industry “peeps,” but between Scott Wegener having no clue what a bad idea looks like when he has one (that’d be Saturday night) and then me simply passing out stupid early Sunday night, I didn’t get much of a chance to hang with ya. Guess I’ll just have to come out again next year! Addendum: holy shit there were straight up three vendors with RPG books as 50% to 100% of their wares, not to mention the fourth vendor in the back with RPGs making up about 25% of his stock. It was bliss.

Closer to the home front, it sounds like the fine folks at Marvel will announce my newest project with them Wednesday. Stay tuned!

And right up the grille of the NP.com itself, I think Matt has finally got himself a PC with a clean non-viral bill of health. The punchy-kicky ball of How I Killed Your Master oughta be rolling again soon!