Just skip this if you’re a dumb person

Because the content of this post is not for dumb people.

First: new Ace Combat eeeeeeeeeeeee! I don’t know, maybe that’s old news to the kind of people who like the AC series (i.e. fanatics), but there you go just in case.

Second: Lots of talk about the upcoming Space Marine console game and the 40k MMO.

I’ll be honest. I don’t care how much of an uninspired by-the-numbers WoW clone Dark Millennium may very well turn out to be. I just want to shoot Orks. The bit about Space Marines not being immediately available is interesting. I’m 100% down with playing a squad of Scout Marines or a platoon of Imperial Guard. Space Marines aren’t “all that” (the kids still say “all that”?) anyway. Everyone knows they’re just a stepping stone to becoming a Dreadnought.

For the Emperor*!

[EDIT: Interesting interview on Dark Millennium.]

*until Tau are playable, then fuck yooooou Imperium of Dorks.