Improving your life 22 pages at a time.

This came out today.

Among the vampires and ghosts and giant monsters, it also features the next 22 pages of this story.

The next volume, Atomic Robo and the Deadly Art of Science, starts in November but the first two issues are already available for pre-order locally or online!

They look like this.

And this.

Issue 2 there has the distinction of featuring the weirdest solicitation text I’ve ever written. Behold!

JACK TAROT, Scourge of the Chicago Crime Syndicate, stalks the mean streets of New York City hunting down the truth behind a baffling series of high-tech robberies! Though if he knew that’d involve mentoring ATOMIC ROBO, he’d have stayed home. Hey, what’s Jack hiding behind that mask? And how does he shoot with it on anyway, I don’t see no eye-holes! Also starring Jack’s beautiful organic daughter! And a man with two skulls! And Tesla! And vampires! Again! But only a little. Every issue brings us one step closer to uncovering the secrets of THE DEADLY ART OF SCIENCE!