Status Report

Finally wrapped up my Marvel and video game responsibilities for the foreseeable future. Time to get back on track around here!

We’ve got the next eight pages of HIKYM comin’ atcha. We should start seeing those next week. Zack’s had the latest Warbot script for three of our weeks now, but you cannot predict the ebb or flow of a Finfrock.

There’s a ton of crap going on over at Nerdy Show. If you aren’t listening, you’re missing out on, well, the best way to put it really would be “a ton of crap.” But in a good way!

Meanwhile, thebest way to keep up with what I’m doin’ and thinkin’ turns out to be the Twitter. It’s also where I go to leak info without thinking about whether or not I should be talking about it. So, you’ll hear things over there like the proposed expansion of Atomic Robo comics in 2011 which you would not hear otherwise.

Until now.

But, pffff, that’s old news. And on the internet that’s like, oh man, old news? Why not just kill yourself.