Captain America: The Fighting Avenger

Remember all that talk about Captain America from a while back? Well, they finally solicited it!

Captain America: The Fighting Avenger #1 will be available April 13, 2011. It’s 48 pages and it will cost $3.99. So, it’s like a regular Marvel comic but twice as large zing. Pre-order it locally or online. Though, come to think of it, the issue may not be available for pre-order online just yet. I’ll keep ya posted.

Anyway! You may recall that this was intended to be an on-going series. It was downgraded to a four issue mini-series and then two issues — you get both of ’em in this one-shot. Captain America: The Fighting Avenger will be one of the last “all ages” issues of anything Marvel will produce for quite a while. Because they “aren’t profitable.”

One way to prove them wrong, is to make it profitable. Order it! In droves!

This ain’t your standard Captain America. It’s a story of his very earliest days back in World War 2. He’s inexperienced and unproven. He’s unsure of himself. He screws up. But there’s still that essential “Cap”-ness at his core you can see shining through. And there’s art by Super Amazing Gurihiru.

There will be two versions of the issue. They’re identical except for the cover. The first, by Gurihiru, looks like this.

clicky for big


The second, by Barry “Also Super Amazing” Kitson, looks like this.

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Now, it’s disappointing to have a series cancelled. Even more so when it’s cancelled before it’s given a fair shake. But that’s freelance and I’m cool with it. Life goes on.

What I mourn here is the largest comics publisher in America giving up on fun and accessible comics.

I invite you guys and gals to help me make a stand. You made the industry take notice of a fun and accessible comic once. Will you do it again?