What is happening

Not sure what’s up with NP.com these days. RSS errors, comic pages that don’t update for hours after they should be live, and now all kinds of important punctuation like apostrophes don’t show up (see?). And the folks I turn to for help just shrug. I don’t blame them, mind you. Fixing this crap would probably take a lot of time searching for a typo in a thousand lines of code. Lotta effort for a site that is no longer the primary lens through which my career is focused.

Still. I would like the damn thing to work. So, I dunno. I keep debating whether or not I should start over with a new design. And, if so, then how the hell to keep multiple comics archives running? And with a minimum of downtime?

In other news, How I Killed Your Master will be returning. I just can’t say when. We’re looking into some options to make it A) happen sooner rather than later and B) consistently updated until the conclusion. The rest of the story is outlined and the currently produced material puts us almost at the half way point. There’s some big crazy action coming up in the next half and I would love to share it with you guys.

So, that’s where my head has been lately and it’s part of why you don’t see a lot of action around here. It’s easier to keep busy with the things I have control over in an effort to not worry about this website. But that’s not fair to it or to you. I will try to be better.