Nerdy Stuff

The latest edition of Nerdy Show will make sweet ear-sex all up on ya. It’ll get you ear-preggers. Man or lady. It don’t matter.

I’m just going to blame that entire train of thought on having been awake for 20 hours on half my normal dose of coffee and move on. There is no delete. Delete is regret. What’s passed is in the past. Let us forge ahead into a bold new future and never again mention ear-sex.

Last time, I swear.

While I’m at it though: they’ve got a crazy Minecraft contest going. If you are into crafting mines, you should do it to the max.

Finally, I would like to share with you the Wikipedia article that most fails to cash in on the potential of its own title. Behold.

H.G. Wells and Tesla both predicted systems quite like our modern internet — up to and including live streaming media. Tesla’s vision was superior, I think you’ll agree, as it was predicated on data transmission via lightning bolts.