Hold on to your nerd socks

So, I went a little nuts for Christmas and bought myself a bunch of RPG books. Partly for research purposes and partly because I’m a huge RPG nerd (keep that on the DL, thanks).

Way I figure it? Some of you nerds are huge RPG nerds too. So, I’m gonna write up reviews of my favorite acquisitions starting next week. Chances are you haven’t been exposed to at least one of these products and, who knows, maybe it’ll be the game that grabs your imagination by the throat.

I grew up in a small town before there was an Internet. I had an active imagination and nothing to do with it. Tabletop nerdery became a huge part of my adolescence. It was a safe way to lose my mind and to get used to putting weird ideas in front of other people. Which is pretty much what my job is today.

I mean, Dr. Dinosaur is literally a RIFTS character I played because I thought this picture from Transdimensional TMNT was hilarious when I was 12 years old.

In summary: hooray for tabletop!