A neat thing you might like

Of late, I’ve found a great deal of fondness for the Fate and Apocalypse World systems. It’s why we used the Fate system for our Atomic Robo RPG.

Did I mention that to you guys? We made an RPG last year, check it out.

Anywho. Fate and AW emphasize fiction over rules. Or maybe it’s more accurate to say rules through fiction. Old school RPGers have a little trouble with them at first, particularly Fate, because they’re so contrary to the The Way Things Have Been Done. But once you have that moment where things click there’s no going back.

My favorite iteration of Apocalypse World is Dungeon World. It’s sorta this amazing simulation of the perfect D&D 1e campaign you (never?) played as a kid but without any of D&D’s clunkiness.

Right now there’s a Kickstarter for what appears to be a pretty neat take on Dungeon World: The Last Days of Anglekite.

From the campaign:

The Last Days of Anglekite is a Dying Earth-style weird fantasy setting for Dungeon World in which you play members of the Anglekite Adventurer’s Guild, the last line of defense for a dying world threatened by catastrophic powers. The Last Days of Anglekite has everything you need to play out an epic struggle to save a world at the end of its time, drawing from weird sword and sorcery tales and over-the-top fantasy by authors like Jack Vance, Clark Ashton Smith, and Michael Moorcock.”

Sounds like fun to me!