FATE Core Kickstarter is go!

If you know anything about tabletop RPGs, then you know the FATE system by Evil Hat is pretty rad. So rad, in fact, that we’re using it for Atomic Robo.

They’re Kickstarter-ing the newest edition of FATE. It’s the most streamlined, most adaptable iteration of the system so far. Every single reward tier, including $1, gets you access to the game via PDF, and every version of that PDF as the game is tweaked by player response during the KS campaign. Cough up a little more cash for the print or hardcover editions if you’re so inclined. And check out all those other stretch goals if you want to watch money disappear from your account.

The upcoming Atomic Robo RPG runs on an adaptation of FATE Core tuned specifically to the source material by Mike Olson. You do not need this book to play it. You should get it anyway, because it’s for running any and every other kind of game.

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I’m making a couple official appearances in November! Maybe you’d like to officially appear in front of my appearance?

CYPHER and Planetary Annhiliation

Just in case you live under a rock the size of an asteroid, here are links to a couple very cool indie games you will probably (definitely) enjoy!

CYPHER — a text game! But with cyberpunk and graphics and animations and sound and music.

Planetary Annhiliation — an RTS of extreme devastation on an interplanetary scale.

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Check out some of the stuff I’ve been up to lately. The short version is: still writing that novel and now a video game woooooooooooooo that you can help to kick into starting!

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