There’s just NINE DAYS left on this Kickstarter campaign for the official 8-bit style sequel to River City Ransom.

Back that shit. Back it to the moon.

“Waahh waahh, but it only comes out on PC and I own a Mac and an Android tablet.”

First of all, no, every Mac person is a cultist so you’d have an iPad you liar.

Second, fuck you, it’s River City Ransom, you’re gonna back it anyway.

Final 48 hours!

We’re down to the final 48 hours on the Official Tesladyne Action Scientist’s Field Guide.

Here’s a quick run down of all the free stuff that’s been unlocked via stretch goal for our digital and physical tiers.

Y’know. If you’re into getting tons of free stuff with your Kickstarter rewards.

Robots are pretty cool, man.

We’re running a Kickstarter to make some Atomic Robo stuff and The Official Tesladyne Field Guide for all things action science. Check it out!

And because I feel weird self-promoting in a space I have been reserving for talking about more general nerdy stuff, here’s the Warmachine Kickstarter. It looks like they’re doing (almost) everything I wish Games Workshop would do, re: 40k and vidya game.

Absolutely Dreadful Wallpaper

Matt cooked up some wallpapers to celebrate the returning to The Dreadful.

Wallpaper @ 1280 x 1024 or 1680 x 1050 or 1920 x 1080

Look for the next page of his series on Monday!

How you doin’?

Hey, remember when I used to do webcomics? Fucked up but true!

In other webcomics news, Mr. Matt Speroni will be back on The Dreadful pretty soon now that he wrapped up a side project that turned into a not-so-side project. Look for more updates in your near future.

I haven’t been following any SUPER NERD Kickstarters in a while, so this update won’t attack your wallet. Much.

We recently partnered with ComiXology to deliver the first ever convention exclusive digital comic for Emerald City Comicon. It is now merely a digital exclusive comic that you can get for yourself right now.

The Atomic Robo RPG is nearly done. I think we’re still shooting for a May/June release on that. Scott and I got to participate in an play test a few weeks ago and, okay, I’m biased, but it was amazing.

Oh, and Second Fiction went and made an Atomic Robo mobile game based on the animated short The Fictory will release in May. It’s just iOS for now, but Android and Win8 versions are incoming.

Meanwhile, after hiatus-ing for far too long, I started updating both The Traitor and the Monk and translations of the surviving parts of Gao Wen’s The Chronicle of the Sword Witch.

So, that’s what I’ve been up to. Hope you guys and gals are doing well.