Does Anyone Even Say “Diva” Any More?

I mentioned this on the Twitter, but Marvel is creating a new title called, dear god I can’t believe I’m typing this, Marvel Divas aimed at the mysterious other sex. It’s Sex and the City + Marvel = “Girls like the Sex and the City, right?”

I mean, had they done this when Sex and the City was remotely topical years ago, it would still be an obvious and cynical grab at a market share these execs consistently demonstrate complete ignorance of, but at least it would have appeared to be a half-way savvy one.

But now? Really? Why not Three’s Company? Probably couldn’t figure out who the Marvel Mr. Roper is.

I can’t decide if Marvel should be more or less embarrassed about how clueless this makes them look than the time they heard girls like make-up.

Who makes these decisions? Okay, accountants, I know. But why do they think it’s still 1960?

I have a crazy idea for you, Marvel. It’s just like (I can’t type this out again, I’m going to copy and paste it) Marvel Divas without the goddamn Divas part. It’s the same four characters who team up and kick ass and you do not take time in every goddamn fight for the villain or mooks to be agog over how unlikely it is that they’re actually losing to a bunch of goils! For pages that aren’t fights, show how their superhero lives impact their relationships with their friends, their families, their own internal personal lives, and their professional ambitions. Y’know. Like every single other title you publish. Only with the cheesecake turned off. Which, honestly, you should do for your other titles too. But I know you’re already hyperventilating. We’ll take this one baby step at a time.