Busy Weekend

Atomic Robo co-creator and artist Scott Wegener will at at HeroesCon this weekend. He has convinced himself he’ll hate it there (no, no one understands how his minds works), so be sure to prove him wrong. He’ll have T-shirts, sketchbooks, and original pages from Atomic Robo, Punisher: War Journal, and more! He’ll also draw for you, but you have to pay him, which is total horseshit but don’t tell him I said that or he’ll yell at me and quit.

While he’s there, I’ll be at MetroCon in Tampa, FL. I’ll be selling some Atomic Robo posters, comics, and trade paperbacks, fancy 8-bit Theater art prints (free with your purchase of a $5 insult!), possibly +1 Hats, and Fighter’s Multi-Purpose Greeting Cards Good For All Occasions Except One.