I got in over my head with these prints.

And I’m sorry. I didn’t plan ahead well enough, and I haven’t had the money to really get these prints printed and sent out after I paid my bills.

They are being printed right now though. But slowly, and only when I can afford it. If all goes as planned, the first batch of prints should be sent out early next week. But then again, I’ve still got to make rent in less then a week.

Hopefully, someone will fund a little project of ours, and then I’ll have the prints out almost immediately.That preview wasn’t exactly cheap, but I have no regrets. I’m really looking forward to doing more with this and I can’t wait to have good news for you guys about it.

If anyone has a problem with waiting just a little bit longer for the prints, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

In other less depressing news, we’ve got a new Warbot in Accounting online. Well, I guess that’s actually kind of depressing, huh?