Be Good Teen Like Millenia Ranger

I would like to officially apologize for the latest episode of The Nerdy Show.

Did you see pages two and three of our little Atomic Robo online story? That little picture ain’t blinkin’ “NEW” for nuthin’, y’know!

There’s an Atomic Robo sketch challenge over at Ten Ton Studios. Maybe that’s something you would be “in to”.

So, I’m still addicted to Pathfinder (just buy it already). Actually, this’ll save us both a lot of time. If you ever want to know if I’m thinking about Pathfinder, just ask yourself this simple question: “Is Brian awake?” If yes, then yes! I’m either thinking about Pathfinder or thinking about how I’d rather be thinking about Pathfinder which still counts as thinking about it. I’m not even sure why. Like I mentioned in the Nerdy Show episode linked above that you shouldn’t listen to, I’ve played every iteration of D&D and it never really clicked with me. But now I’m all “Four twenty, play Pathfinder every day” over here. And, actually, now I’m eying Trailblazer (PDF available now, print edition “soon”) from Bad Axe Games with a suspicious, uh, eye, for I am wary of what effects it will have on my wallet after listening to this.

Finally, anyone who tries to tell you that Champions Online is not an amazing experience is a fucking moron — science fact.