“I’ve got a competition in me.”

I feel like I’m neglecting this part of NP.com, but I blame the Twitter. It’s become the defacto home for all the mental vomit I used to spray around here. Though of late I just complain about the losers who come to the coffee shop and/or Borders where I spend most of my working days.

Have you been keeping up with Nerdy Show? And our on-going efforts to defend you against The Lawnmower Man? If not, I pity you. Like a homeless person. Or someone stuck on dial-up.

For those of you “into” that kind of thing, Atomic Robo and the Revenge of the Vampire Dimension #1 drops this Wednesday, February 17th. Or next Wednesday, the 24th. It was supposed to be the latter, but it appears to be the former, but it might be the latter depending on where you are due to all the blizzards. One day the infrastructure that releases print comics will release our issues on schedule. I think it’s the fifth seal described in Revelations, actually. But, what the hell, if it’s going to be a screwed up release I’d rather it be early than late.

In any case, I’ll be down at A Comic Shop February 27th (it’s a Saturday) to sign anything you shove in my face (please do not shove anything weird in my face). That’s right. Brian Clevinger, Florida’s favorite son, back in O-Town for One Night Only. I’m not there just to sign things. No, I’m there to shame Scott and his shop, Double Midnight Comics, up in New Hampshire.

See, A Comic Shop and Double Midnight are competing with one another to see which store can sell more copies of Atomic Robo. Central Florida, I know you won’t let me down. You won’t let us down. Let’s hang out in T-shirts and light jackets and cavort in the warmth of the sun while those blizzard bound morons are still tunneling through snowdrifts just to get to their own driveways. We can do this. Let’s show them why everyone calls it New Shitshire behind their backs.

My top secret Marvel project is still chugging along. I’m writing Issue 2 of 4 currently, and I’m pretty sure this series is either going to get my editor a raise or fired forever. My philosophy for this thing has been, hey, I may never get another chance to work for Marvel, so I may as well go out on a bang and make sure I’ll never have another chance to work for Marvel. And if they do hire me after this, oh man, they’ve got no one but themselves to blame!