Now Appearing in a Snowdrift Near You

Scott and I will be at GraniteCon in Nashua NH, this Sunday, March 14th. Come out of your igloo, get comics, signatures, T-shirts, sketches, and maybe kisses*.

In completely unrelated news, I now spend most of my working days in coffee shops and cafes where I can look like as huge a jack ass poseur as I think everyone else here is.

I keep to myself, since I’m actually working instead of artfully arranging half a dozen iProducts on the table to make sure everyone knows how easily swayed I am by advertising (seriously, look at this guy, you do not need a MacBook Air, iPod, and iPhone all in front of you while you read a book). This self-imposed exile can lead to awkward situations where I’m researching some kind of inane conspiracy theory horseshit and the people next to me think I’m an idiot.

Or, today, I find myself looking at half a dozen tabs opened to pages about the Confederacy and its sympathizers while as many black dudes sit around me. AHAHAHAhem.

“No, see, this is research. I don’t, y’know, this isn’t my thing. I write comic books about this robot. Like, okay, in the second volume? Look at all this Nazi shit I had to…ehhhhh. Okay, Volume Three. See, tons of research on Lovecrafffffuck.”

The asshole on the Mac doesn’t have this problem.

*not from us though.