Forum again plus stickers!

We got the old forums up and running at a new URL. Your username, passwords, all that jazz, it’s there like nothing happened thanks to the magic of…uh, a database. Which, now that I type it out, is like saying a spreadsheet is a mystical font of knowledge. Big thanks to all the admins for stepping up in a time of crisis and TCB. That’s Takin’ Care of Biznazz to the uninitiated.

Okay, lemme answer a lot of email right here: Yes, that was the end of 8-bit Theater. There might be an epilogue at some unscheduled time in the future. I’m not sure what some of you are looking for in more pages, but I can just about promise you won’t find it in anything I have to add.

And, just to make sure you RSS kids stay hip to the news that got edited into the previous, uh, news (note to self: learn to write) there’s two new Robo-themed shirts and three stickers! Get ’em while they’re hot.