This and that

Some folks may remember an RO server largely populated by readers. Well, it’s happening again! Maybe you’re into that sort of thing, I wouldn’t know, there’s little evidence either way in the contents of your trash.

Not that I…

Y’know what I’m tired of? Not posting new comics around here. Startin’ to piss me off! But on the bright side, it appears the 8-bit Theater epilogue is on track for release next week. It’s about 85% done and schedules have been cleared specifically to power through this last chunk. I wish it hadn’t taken so long, but better that it be done right than quickly. I’m really happy with how it’s turned out and I hope you will be too.

Oh, related to the previous blog post, you can pre-order a couple of things I did for Marvel. World War Hulks: Wolverine vs. Captain America #1 and WWH: WvsCA #2 each feature stories by Paul Tobin and myself. First issue of Avengers + Infinity Gauntlet should be up for pre-order next month.