So, we finished the epilogue. Oh shit, lookit that, the secret side project Matt was working on all this time was the epilogue itself YOUR MINDS ARE BLOOOOOOWN.

Now, brace yourselves, because I’m about to unload a double mind blow. The next Warbot in Accounting…is being drawn at this very moment.

Now, in most states, we’re getting into a murky legal thing if I deliver any more mind blowing. It’s reckless endangerment or negligence or some junk. So, let’s just keep this between ourselves and I promise to catch you if this next blow if your mind makes you fall over.

New pages of How I Killed Your Master to begin next week. Additionally, we’ve got a metric slew of Atomic Robo mini-comics to share with you guys next week as well!

Okay. I’ve done enough damage to the internet for one day.