Captain America: The Fighting Avenger

Well, one of my secret projects dropped earlier today. I’m writing an all new on-going series about Captain America’s World War 2 adventures!

The hook is that we’ll chronicle his earliest days in the war. He’s still a rookie, he’s the got the weight of the whole war on his shoulders, and no one really believes this flag with legs can do what the propaganda posters say he can.

Get the details from Marvel. Or Newsarama. Or CBR.

It’s a real honor to have a chance to play around with such an iconic character. I know people who love Cap have had to put up with a lot of goofy stuff over the years as people try to reinvent him or put their stamp on him or whatever. So, here’s my open letter to you:

Dear Cap Fans,

The Cap I’ll write may not be exactly the Steve Rogers you know, but only because he hasn’t become that yet. This is the story of how he went from that skinny kid from NYC who just wants to do his duty to the vanguard of American military strategy in the largest conflict in history.

Plus, we’ll totally punch out Red Skull.

Hope to see you there,