Cancer lol

Okay, so this is rad. One of our forum members has a sister. Actually, probably more than one of them has a sister. Or is one personally.

But anyway. This specific sister of a forum-er is a pretty cool kid. To wit:

My name is Hope Robins. I am almost 13 years old. This will be the third time I have cut my hair for Cancer. I also make sure that the hair is donated to make wigs for kids who have lost their hair because they have cancer. I cut my hair the first time when I was 8 and I raised $1,100.00 in pledges, the second time I raised $2,700.00 and this year my goal is $5000.00. I would be honoured if you would help me. This year I am proudly supporting The Terry Fox Foundation in its ongoing work to fund innovative and progressive cancer research programs. I very much hope you will consider making a donation in support of my effort, confident in the knowledge that your kindness will impact the lives of so many people living with cancer.

If that sounds like something you’d be “into,” then clickaclick right here. Donations are welcome, but so are kind words!