Busy Busy Busy

You’ve been to Nerdy Show’s Minecraft server, haven’t you?

No? Then you’re missing out on the fun.

So, like the title says, busy busy busy. But that’s a good thing!

Except for How I Killed Your Master.

It’s not abandoned or anything, just a victim of the real world deadlines I’ve been under for the last couple months. I’m sorry for the hiccuping schedule. If it’s not budgetary problems, it’s Matt getting virus or me needing 36 hour days. But I hope you guys can understand that HIKYM is something we really enjoy doing. We don’t go out of our way to not do it. Hell, you should see some of the stuff we’ve got planned for after this chapter — which, itself, is nearly concluded!

Just bear with us, please. Hop on the RSS and please understand that HIKYM is still a priority for the creative team, it’s just a priority that can be shuffled around other priorities we don’t have the luxury of playing with.

For example: this whole week of insanity.

The first issue of the new volume of Atomic Robo comes out tomorrow. Pick that bastard up locally or online.

Vol 5: Atomic Robo and the Deadly Art of Science #1

Chicago, 1930. Mobsters! Hijacked lab equipment! Mystery Men! Gunfights! Car chases! A mad scientist’s machines, machinations, and the conspiracy behind it all! Tesla, too! And that’s just in the first issue of Atomic Robo and the Deadly Art of Science!

I’m not sure when it’ll be available on your fancy phones though. Generally it happens around the same time the collected edition goes to print, but the general trend in that arena has been to reduce the lag between print and digital releases. So, short version: dunno!

Do you live anywhere near Raleigh, NC? Then you need to come out to North Carolina Comicon this weekend to see Scott and I. And some other people. We’ll have Atomic Robo trades, the new issue, sketch covers, T-shirts, and posters. Also our sunny personalities.

Meanwhile, check out a couple blog entires I wrote about real world sci-fi. Project Orion and the Japanese Death Ray of WW2.