The firestorm of Firestorm

I’m seeing some misinformation out there, so here’s my attempt to set the record straight.

Earlier this year some folks at DC Comics asked me to helm a Firestorm relaunch following directly from the events of Blackest Night and Brightest Day. We went back and forth on the pitch until I had clearance to move forward with the script.

But then people higher up the chain of command decided it was time to do The Big Reboot and suddenly my project was surplus to requirements. I mean, look at the names on those reboot titles: everyone involved is a staple of DC. I’m just some guy. A simple B-lister relaunch is something they can trust to an unknown like me. But when you’re talking about part of an unprecedented line-wide reset, well, they want to minimize the unknowns. DC veterans Gail Simone and Ethan Van Scriver picked up writing duties on Firestorm for the reboot, and I wish them the best.

My project was just a casualty of the current strategy. These things happen all the time.

Still. Just once I’d like to be given a series that gets cancelled on its own merits!

Oh, well. More time for Atomic Robo!