Moving on!

Looks like we’re getting the site back in order. All the punctuation works, and dammit, that’s a start!

Matt’s got some The Dreadful wallpapers he’d like to share with the people of Earth. Let us have a look!

Kit: 1280 by 1024 | 1680 by 1050 | 1920 by 1080

The Judge: 1280 by 1024 | 1680 by 1050 | 1920 by 1080

Check ’em out! And if’n y’ain’t read The Dreadful, git on that. It’s just like Red Dead Redemption. Sorta.

A pretty cool trend developed over the last few conventions I attended. I’m seeing a lot of 8-bit Theater fans (hiya), but then I always do (thank you for coming out, you guys rock). But back when 8-bit had only recently finished, most folks who stopped by and identified themselves as 8-bit readers showed zero interest in Atomic Robo. There was a lot of shuffling of feet and “Is it really over?” going on.

But it’s been a little over a year since the last page and these days the vast majority of folks who walk up to me at shows and admit to their 8-bit roots either already have made or are excited to make the jump to Robo.

So, thank you. It means quite a bit to me that you guys are willing to take a shot on something new when it’s so different from what brought us together (ew, gross).

Volume 5: Atomic Robo and the Deadly Art of Science comes out today.

“Ghostbusters, Indiana Jones, Buckaroo Banzai, and The Rocketeer crammed into Nikola Tesla‚Äôs robot with pants. THAT is Atomic Robo! This volume features a young Robo in the 1930s teaming up with badass vigilante Jack Tarot to stop a mad scientist from blowing-up Manhattan! This book is what happiness feels like.” – Aaron Haaland whom I just realized has like a thousand As in his name.

Are you one of the poor slobs who never read Atomic Robo? Start with this one! Every single volume stands alone and they can be read in any order. Vol 5 is something of an origin story anyway, so it’s one of the better places to start.

You can pick it up locally or at a variety of online shops.