Sometimes I write comics

What I would like to do is get back to How I Killed Your Master. Folks ask me about it at every show and questions about its status pop up in my email all the time. Here’s where we are on that: I pay for the art, colors, and lettering on every page of HIKYM. Back when Marvel and DC were hiring, that was easy. These days they aren’t and I’ve got to conserve my spending. It’s the typical freelance story — you’re either swamped or starving.

I’ve got some feelers out in the world. Probing. As soon as we’ve got stable funding to take us from the next page to the last, we’ll jump right back on the HIKYM train.


Atomic Robo forges ahead with the first issue of its sixth volume The Ghost of Station X.

It looks like this.

This one is our take on a modern tech thriller with a little sci-fi and gratuitous explosions thrown in. It’s the same formula as Live Free Or DIE HARD but without sucking.

Anyway! What I’m getting at is: you should get it. You can do so at your local comic shop. If you don’t have one, I suggest these online retailers — Things From Another World (20% off) and Midtown Comics (15% off).

Oh, and the recently released collection of our fifth volume? That’s now available on your iOS and Android devices as well as PC and Mac via ComiXology for almost five bux.

I don’t mean to come across like a huckster, I just love these stories and want to share them with you! Like a creepy stranger! Down an alley! Late at night! Cupping a dead pigeon! Where am I going with this!