A comic book you might enjoy

The latest installment of our critically acclaimed series Atomic Robo comes out next week, November 16th. Here’s a little more about it.

Atomic Robo and the Ghost of Station X #3

Look, I’ll break it down for you. We’ve got a robot who’s also a scientist. He fights monsters, sometimes Nazis, a mobile pyramid once, the planet Mars kinda, and also Stephen Hawking (though that was more of a metaphorical battle). His arch enemies include a brain in a jar, a time traveling dinosaur who probably isn’t, and the spirit of Thomas Edison.

Yeah, okay, this is the third issue in the sixth series, but it’s still a great jumping on point. Check it: First issue Robo tried to rescue some astronauts. Second issue it all went horribly wrong. This issue Robo tracks down the true culprits!

Grab it online or at your local shop. Or get it in your iOS/Android device, PC, or Mac!