A comic you should buy

So, I watched Warrior’s Way last night because it was on Netflix and, y’know, why not?

I will be telling you in some detail of reasons why not, but it’ll have to wait because I’m still recovering.


What you guys should do is: you should buy Atomic Robo and the Ghost of Station X #4 next week. Or order it online right now.

It looks like this.

Previously: Robo tried to save some astronauts in space. And then it went horribly wrong.

So, Robo tried to get to the bottom of it only to find a big damn conspiracy with tanks and guns and stuff.

This issue? He’s on the run and the fate of everyone in the world lay in the hands of a trucker and some HAM radio hobbyists. Seriously.

Not buying Atomic Robo comics is the biggest mistake of your life. Do something right for a change and pick up an issue.