A Goodwill Mission

So, we wanted to get rid of a couch. We called around and one of the local branches of Goodwill was happy to accept it and, moreover, to get it hauled over there. Or, rather, they referred me to some folks who would do it for us at a discount. Hey, good enough for me, I just need to get rid of the thing and have zero desire to drive a U-Haul down streets designed for seventeenth century traffic.

Now, the guy on the phone from the Goodwill, he had one of those accents. Y’know. The kind of accent where you can’t tell if they’re gay or just from certain parts of Georgia or South Carolina?

But, y’know, whatever. Who cares either way? Other than some folks from Georgia and South Carolina to whom this is news, I guess.

Anyway, he gives me the phone number of their preferred moving service. I thank him for it and make the call.

Ring, ring, “Good afternoon, College Hunks Hauling Junk.”

He was not from Georgia or South Carolina!

I’ll say this for the Hunks. They do damn fine work.

And it was almost nothing like this.