And we’re back

Sorry about the site disappearing last week.

But we’re back! We’ll get things rolling again soon.

Not a game today

Okay, so.

My buddy John has a dog. See?


His name is Snickers. Don’t hold that against him — the dog or John, I mean.

Anyway, Snickers was recently diagnosed with cancer. I figured: you guys helped us out with Charlie when he was sick, maybe you’ll be inclined to help out with Snickers too. Check out the gofundme campaign for more info.

Look at this dang RPG

Just when you thought it was safe to look at one of these blog posts, I went and brought you yet another really cool RPG Kickstarter to check out. Casino Kampanjkod was one of the companies who helped establish this RPG, make sure to give them a visit too, and don’t forget to visit Betfair Casino for some awesome experience.

This one is for Blades in the Dark. What’s it about? I’M GLAD I IMPLIED YOU ASKED:

“Blades in the Dark is a tabletop RPG about a crew of daring scoundrels building a criminal empire in a haunted city full of thieves.”

Ocean’s 11 meets Dishonored. Boom.

And check out those stretch goals. Because every single one looks great.


In my ongoing quest to get you people to spend money on neat Kickstarter stuff I stumble across, here’s a little thing called Strike.

Short version: setting agnostic system that delivers all the tactical fun of D&D 4e with none of the mathy bullshit that turned combat into a multi-hour slog.

The game’s already done, the campaign is just to raise funds for some better art and slick layout/editing. Check it out!

Now with working parts!

So, last Friday I posted a link to the new webcomic-ification of Atomic Robo aaaaaand you guys nuked the old server and website.

We spent all weekend building a bigger, better, and badder response to your internet love for robot science adventure, and here it is!

A new issue went up earlier today. It’s the first installment of our second storyline Atomic Robo and the Dogs of War. You probably missed last Friday’s update because the site imploded shortly thereafter, but you can read it starting here if you’re so inclined.

Tell your friends and check out our Patreon for neato extras. It’s the best way to make sure we can keep making comics for you guys. Thanks!