Testing yet again.

It’s just as well that I never got into the Champions Beta because if I had gotten in, then I wouldn’t be at liberty to tell you about the progress it’s made in just a matter of weeks.

Because I would like to tell you that, but I can’t, and even if I could, I wouldn’t be allowed to. So, I didn’t.

Got it?


In other news, I’ve been playing around with the admin stuff for the new nuklearpower.com. It’s all very slick and cool. I’m not sure when it’ll go live, but I expect it to be some point in the next seven days. It will feature all the 8-bit Theater you love to hate as well as a the first installment of a new series, Warbot in Accounting. I will be straight up honest with you: I have no idea what kind of comic Warbot is or if it will find an audience. It’s sort of a comedy without punchlines? HAY JUST LIKE 8-BIT LOLOLOL!

And yes, there will be RSS, so shaddup already.