New site, same as the old site. But different.

Well. Here we are. In the future!

Navigation is pretty self-explanatory, just poke around and see what happens. RSS is available down at the very bottom, but I can put that somewhere more obvious if need be. I’ll be up to some heavy duty tinkering in the next couple of weeks. So, if you happen to catch the site with its pants down, please don’t point and laugh, it’s just off its meds and honestly how’d you like it if I laughed every time you left the house without any clothes?

Buncha jerks.

Perhaps you noticed Warbot in Accounting, our new addition to the family. It’s written by me and drawn by Zack “My Last Name Is Ridiculous” Finfrock. Neither one of us has any idea what we’re doing with it, but expect a new installment every week or two. At least until the internet cries out for us to stop.

8BT will continue on its regular Tue/Thurs/Sat schedule of course. At least until it reaches its idiotic conclusion.

I gave Atomic Robo his own archive too. Right now it’s just got our 2008 Free Comic Book Day story, but Scott and I keep tossing around the idea of doing some free Robo comics, maybe a Sparrow spin-off or something, so hopefully we can make that happen later this year.

Take note that any time new content is added, be it blog post or comic of any kind, it’ll be displayed in that handy list on the lower right. And over there on the left we’ve got a couple search options. The first searches comic titles, blog titles, and blog posts while the second will be a comprehensive search of every script of every comic on this site. We’re still working on that though.

If you’ve got any questions about the new site, or suggestions for other features, or something intelligent to say about it — hey, call me an optimist! — you know where to find me. Personally, I think this searing yellow text might be a bit much. Maybe an off-white instead? And now I miss the yellow. Hrm. Gonna have to try out some other options later.